La Cocina de Mi Vecina (4/5)

If my neighbor's kitchen were always filled with these sugary treats, I'd be like Kimmy Gibler and just always hang out there. Located on Corredera Alta de San Pablo in Malasaña, this small cafe specializes in sweet treats. From the outside, you can gaze (drooling optional, or is it?) at all the cakes My Neighbor … Continue reading La Cocina de Mi Vecina (4/5)


Ojalá (4/5)

Ojalá is a popular restaurant situated in Plaza Juan Pujol in Malasaña. You can find terrace tables, a basement with sand on the floor, a tribute to the Beach Boys in the unisex bathrooms, and plenty of guiris (this is Malasaña, after all). It has quite a bit of space on the inside, allowing for … Continue reading Ojalá (4/5)